about Enviro Energy

Enviro Energy Ltd, a private New Zealand company incorporated in 1992, was established to develop an innovative thermal drying technology called the STERM™ (Sludge Total Energy Recuperator Module). The technology is the culmination of 16 years of research and development, and provides a solution to the global problem of the elimination of sewage sludge (bio-solids).

The STERM™ is a totally enclosed thermal bio-solid drying process converting wet bio-solids to a usable sterile fuel. The sterile fuel created provides the main energy for the process, producing outputs of environmentally acceptable emissions and an inert sand/ash. The STERM™ represents a long-awaited true paradigm shift for the bio-solids management industry.

Enviro Energy is the exclusive owner of the STERM™ technology.

In March 2008, Enviro Energy received an Engineering and Environmental Audit Report from internationally recognized independent consulting engineers Sinclair Knight Merz. This report validates the STERM™ technology, confirming process and performance standards, and validates very favorable environmental outputs which fall well within strict European standards.